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Welcome to Shinobi Tactics

Shinobi Tactics is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game set in the a fictional world of Shinobi and Samurai. We are currently in the alpha testing phase, but we're always looking for people to help us test the system. If you're interested in alpha testing for Shinobi Tactics, please visit the forum.

We plan to admit 12 people into the initial test. The systems posted on this site are for the alpha testers and letting potential testers know how the system works. Since we're still in alpha testing phase, these systems are subject to change. If you're currently participating in Shinobi Tactics and we change a system your character relies on, or we change a prerequisite that affects your character, please contact a forum moderator.

Below you'll find our news feed detailing the latest errata and activity on the site, as well as our latest drive for Premium Prizes, which can be found on the Advantages page.

Aspect Update 3/24/11

The first Aspect (Program/Family ect) for each Shinobi Clan just went live. Check out the individual pages for more information and abilities.

Shinobi Clan Aspect Update 3/22/2011

Hello ST Fans, we're back.
Still working on a full version unfortunately but making headway. However we have been making some updates and minor changes. Those with a sharp eye will notice we've moved a few things around as far as the Aspects for some of the Shinobi Clans. Alchemy (formerly known as Potions) has been moved from the Glass Shinobi to the Gin Shinobi (replacing the Double program there) and the Glass Shinobi have gained the Adepts. Genjutsu fans will be happy about that one. Also, the Hebi valley Tora and Hebiwang Broods have been switched in their costs for balancing reasons, as well as the Ryoushi and Iga families in the Switchback Shinobi clan. The Ryouga have also been changed from Trackers to Trappers for functionality reasons.

Next Stage of Shinobi Tactics

So now that we've been up to our knees in code for the past six months and weighing our options, it seems that ST may bypass the chatbot phase altogether in favor of something more graphical. That's correct, our next phase of ST will be to move to a graphical game. Warning, this may take up to two years for the transition, and during this time Basho and Kami will be unavaliable for staffing. So, if you want to keep playing ST, we'll need some volunteer moderators.

We'll upload some screenshots when we have them.

New Update 9/9/09

Happy 999 day everyone. For this update we've removed two damaging poisons from genin body ken and added two Chi tecniques: Reflex Energy and Crimson Reserve. Check them out under Genin Body Ken in Techniques. Working no the Chuunin patch has already begun, we hope to post some of it soon.

New Update 8/24/09

The newest patch is up, previously called the Chuunin patch. We've decided to go with the traditional rankings of Japanese Shinobi so instead of going Genin-Chuunin-Jounin we now go Initiate-Genin-Chuunin. So the Genin patch is now posted. We're still doing behind the scenes work, but you will find one of our early picture designs under Genin Ninjutus, thanks to our resident artist.

New Update 5/16/09

Added another strategy guide to the forum: Earth Ken Check it out here.

New Update 5/13/09

We're doing some behind the scenes work right now. Working on example and signature character art, as well as finishing up the chuunin patch. Chuunin patch should be up and posted at latest by the end of June, we'll post previews of the character art when we have it.

New Update 5/7/09

History page is now live, check it out for the full scoop on the history of Wagakuni and the Seven Cities.

New Update 5/6/09

The Gin Shinobi details page is now live, check it out under Origins

New Update 5/5/09

Glass Shinobi details page is live, check it out under origins.

New Update 5/3/09

The details section of the Hebi Valley Shinobi is live.

New Update 5/1/09

More information on the Switchback Woods is available under the link in Origins.

New Update 4/30/09

Added history and advantages sections for Yuki Pass Shinobi. More to come soon.

New Update 4/28/08

Origins and Technique page are live, as well as each of the individual Technique pages (which have just been moved really). Check out the Origins pages for the five Shinobi Origins, more to come soon.

Holiday Hiatus (Ended)

We're back, working on the Bot once again. We'll try to keep staff in the IRC room for impromptu or organized games. Feel free to organize teams and playtimes yourself as long as you make sure there are staff avaliable. Happy 2009! To another year of ninja goodness.

Strategy Guides 11/15/08

You heard right, as our next step we'll be adding a series of strategy guides to help with some of the questions new players have about how the different fields function. Feel free to add your two cents on the Forum under Miscellanious ST.

The Chuunin Patch 11/7/08

So with the GAP Concluded ST is looking ahead to our next step. And that is the Chuunin Patch. In the patch will be included the next level (Chuunin Level) for all Fields, Major errata to core systems that will further streamline the way the game is played, Chuunin Level Missions and equipment, more Advantages and one of the 5 fields will be axed and replaced with a new one. This will dramatically change strategy and gameplay, so likely we'll have everyone restart at that time. We will however be allowing everyone to keep their experience as per the normal rules of starting new characters.

The Chuunin Patch is currently around 35% completed and will be applied either after the first chuunin tests, or once the chat bot is functional. Likely the latter, for system reasons. We will however be doing a few special sneak peaks with select players and staff to get some preliminary tests to the system. Stay tuned.

For good faith, we've kept up our preview of element ninjutsu. We may add to our preview in short order.

Fire Barrage Molding 8, Elemental(Fire) 4, Seals 6
Intelligence + Molding d/3. Each Victory produces a fireball that does Elemental Chi damage against Evade. If a fireball does not hit, it instead reduces the targets evade. Reduced evade lasts until attacked or until the end of the users next turn.

Please remember that these Techniques are in development and may be subject to change, especially their requirements.

New Update 15 (10/23/08)

Ninjutsu Errata today:
Scaled all of the requirements for ninjutsu to make more sense in progression.
Clarified Kawarimi Trap.

Missions for week of 9/28/08

Missions are posted for this week. Take a look at the announcements board. Volunteer for them on the Alpha board.

New Update 13 9/28/08

Congratulations to Lovekyn and Julin for their Disarbitration finds. Enjoy that equipment.

Difficulty to notice a trap is now the rigger's victories, with a cap of the terrain difficulty. Rigging traps is now d/2.
The Traps skill no longer reduces the difficulty to notice a trap.
Kunai Trap saw a major errata for how it works, as well as all of the old difficulties having been removed.
Tripwire is no longer a trap to itself.
Tiger Trap is suspended pending Evaluation.
All stat-reducing poisons now have a set amount they reduce by.
Poison length is now determined by the victories on the poison creation roll + its potency.
Disorienting Poison no longer reduces perception.
Respiratory Poison has been raised to Chuunin.

New Update 12 9/26

Check out an update Basho made on the announcements board about a few new systems involving choosing missions for youselves (for a change) and delays to the GAP.

New Update 11 9/24/08

Global Edit to Genjutsu and Ninjutsu on how seals work, as well as ninjutsu rank and evade to come.

Maintainability has been moved to chuunin.

Genjutsu will see a few more techniques but some familiar techniques moved up to chuunin. More to come.

New Update 10 9/20/08

Basics saw some more erata today.

Shuriken wall has been changed to reduce targets dice for moving from grid to grid.

Kunai Specialization has been changed to require Chuunin.

Shuriken Summoning scroll has been edited so it no longer drains health, and properly requires propel. However, it's also being suspended while we evaluate the Summoning Scroll system and whether it should be split into two techniques. Shuriken Summoning Scroll(basics) and Create Summoning Scroll (Ninjustsu). Stay tuned kids.

New update 9 9/16/08

Two new Premium Items added today.

Check out Tonfa and Wooden Plank armor under Advantages. Keep your eyes peeled for a new member drive in the near future.

New Update 8 9/15/08

Hey ST faithfuls,

New Advantage: Rightful Heirloom under advantages.
Also, congrats to our first Disarbitration winner, Grlubb, enjoy that Tanto.

New Update 7 9/11/08

Edited some Poisons today.

Weakening Agent had it's requirements uped significantly. Anti-coagulant is no longer given at poisons 1,  and does not effect every hit the victim takes after being dosed. Added Blurring agent as a new stat reducing poison. Also, stat reducing poisons will be given set numbers in the near future rather than being dependant on the poisons trait.

Also, the section deaing with edged weapons having poisons put on them has been updated to destroy the weapon after the encounter it was used in. Also the duration of poisons has been clarified. Keep looking for those arbitrations people, we left out a few intentionally.

New Update 6 9/10/08

Another slew of updates, including a final word on Iron Fist style.

Two new peices of equipment added. Kawarimi Log and Sake. Kawarimi will be edited to properly outline the new system for Kawarimi. (edited 9/10/08)

Edit for the GAP, the Odd Angle bonus has been changed so it's bonus or detriment is now dependant on the level difference.

Taijutsu: Edited Hand and Foot and Iron Fist style (for the last time). Also added two new Iron Fist techniques, Hard body technique and Body of Wood.

Basho: "With this final edit we managed to figure out a way to both address the significantly larger amount of dice (and experience) that Iron Fist could produce without detrimenting it's ability to consistently do damage. I think I can close the book on this system for now. Credit to Hyuuga Hiroku for his help on this project."